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Sale condition:

–       The kittens are not going to leave the cattery before the age of 14 weeks. We are concerned about their well-being and we want them to receive the care that they need and the learning from their mother. It’s essential to have a kitten who is physically and psychologically balanced. The role of the mother is not only to feed kittens until they are eating by themselves … It’s much more than that! The mother teaches them to control their emotions, indeed the ones who generate bites and scratches. She shows them how to act and contributes greatly to their socialization. A kitten removed from his mother too early can have serious consequences for the kitten itself, but also for the future owner!

–       All of our kittens are neutered/spayed before they leave with their new family.

–       We offer a health guarantee of 2 years for genetic diseases.

–       All our Persians were vaccinated twice (at 8 weeks and at 12 weeks).

–       They were also dewormed multiple times since they were 2 weeks.

–       Every kitty has a microchip. It includes the recording of the kitten in a database.

–       Every cats receives his own recording of the CCA or CFA certificate (the owner can choose which one).

–       All our Persians should never be declawed. It is important for us to know that our cats will be happy and well treated. The operation of declawing is an amputation and could leave injuries and psychological scars.

–       We don’t want our cats to be left outside without assistance.

–       The price of each kitty depends of their quality (600$ canadian-1800$ canadian)

–       Kitten will not be held without a deposit and it is non-refundable.

We got the right to refuse the sale of any cat/kitten at any time without any explanation. If a deposit has been paid, it will be immediately refunded and the contract will be cancelled without further obligation to the buyer.
Status of kittens:

Available: The kitten can be adopted.

Reserved: The kitty is hold by someone who already gave a deposit. Sorry!

Evaluation: the kitten is on hold to see his development for a possibility to be a breeding/show cat, so it can be eventually adopted.

****Breeding for Quality not Quantity***

My beautiful Laura is available for adoption by the perfect family. This is a blue and white Persian adult female, born on May 31, 2016, of magnificent quality. She is kind and cuddly but a little shy with humans she does not know. She will be happier in a family without another cat, because she can be dominant and tend to fade if there are too many animals around her. However, she would live very well with a dog that is used to cats. I would like a family without a young child for her because she is no longer used to it. A quiet family would be perfect for her.

I ask for $ 600 for her including: spaying, vaccination and deworming as well as registration with the CFA.






Laura is looking for her perfect family