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We are located on the South Shore of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. We breed the Persian, of a really great quality that come from international lines. Our cats provide from really nice pedigrees that named several times as champion and grand champion since many generation!

I’ve gotten this passion for cats, particularly for the Persian & Exotics, since I was very young. My paternal grandmother was breeding Persian and I spent many hours in her cattery to admire and cuddle those sweet little creatures. This is how I’ve learned that the Persian would be a big part of my life.


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We are registered at 3 different cat associations in which we expose our cats: the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). It’s important for us to participate to cat shows and to present our treasures to judges to complete the standard of the breed. Also, we meet several breeders that share the same passion than us and by this, we’re learning a lot with them and it’s very rewarding.
Our ultimate goal is to produce an excellent quality of cats that are happy and also importantly, healthy. In the same way, our cats are negative at FIV/FELV/PKD/fungus/fleas. Our cattery is our home so our cats are cageless. They live in a clean, lovely and stimulating environment and they’re growing in the free space of our home.
We are going to be very selective in the choice of their future families because we care of the wellness of our little protected. We want our sweethearts to be in the right place for the rest of their life. We don’t have the obligation to sell any kitten to anyone and this is why we let ourselves the right to refuse the sale of a kitty. They’ll leave sterilized (and it’s not an option), vaccinated, dewormed and registered. We’ll give to their futures families a personalized photo album of their animal since they were born. We’ll also give a starting kit for the kitty. Of course, there will be a written contract between us and the buyer where a health guarantee is included. Finally, we’ll be available to the future families to answer their questions, and all throughout the cat’s life.

We don’t offer stud service, and we don’t sell breeding right in Quebec.
Thank you for your interest to our cattery and enjoy your visit!



LAST UPDATE: august 22 2019


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